Knobby Retrievers


We currently have slightly 


bumpers packs available

Pack #1 includes:

12 - 2"x12"

(3) Black

(3) Orange

(3) White

(3) Black/white

cost: $36 per pack + S/H

(throw rope not included)

Pack# 2 includes:

8 - 3"x12"

(2) Black

(2) Orange

(2) White

(2) Black/White

Cost: $32 per pack + S/H

(throw rope not included)

only available while

supplies last

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Why Buy a Copy When You Can Have an Original

Klamath Falls, OR

Specialized Molding needs

Neumann Manufacturing specializes in custom manufacturing for any of your modling needs

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Our Mission

Our mission at Neumann Manufacturing is to provide the best quality products with all American made materials and personalized service to our numerous present and potential future customers. This is why we are the leaders in producing non-toxic products in our corporate headquarters in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Duck And Goose Decoys

 Duck Decoys Weighted and foam filled

Mix and Match...

Plasti Sure Grip Balls

Great addition to your Retriever Trainers as well as outdoor products.The non-toxic Plasti Bungee Ball is great for tying down almost anything!

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