Dove, Owls

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Dove Decoy


Plasti-Dove is equipped with strong fastening jaws to hold fast and tight

To operate the gripping jaws:

A coil spring type clothes pin has been molded into the jaw and extend up in to the body cavity.

Simply squeeze the body between the breast and the back to depress the upper end of the clothes pin and open the jaws.

Place and release.

The jaws will hold tight and the self-inflating body will resume it's original shape.

$3.95 ea. + s/h


4 for $14.95 +s/h


Inflatable Owl


Decorative Owl made of tough pliable vinyl has successfully been used for:

  • covered boat births
  • aircraft hangers
  • gardens and patios
  • fruit trees
  • commercial buildings
  • churches

$13.95 ea. + s/h